Kard founded in 2017 to help consumers save hundreds of money a year from their cards rewards offers to their online purchases around the world.


The problem is that a very large number of bank card holders are not aware of the offers of points, miles and cash back from their credit/debit/prepaid cards while making purchases in online stores resulting in losing an annual based on a lot of money.


Kard comes to solve this problem in the best way because registered users of the application do not need to give any personal details of their credit/debit/prepaid cards.

The app of Kard accomplishes this by selecting only the type of card through the application (e.g. VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners) and then displays all the rewards deals offered by the cards issuers with the ability to buy in real-time knowing users how many points, miles or cash back they will earn if they make a direct purchase at that time.


Worldwide offers of cards rewards from issuers VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners All-in-One application. Registered users save time and money.

Panagiotis Tatsis

Founder & CEO

Maximize your rewards.

Kard is a free service that can
save you hundreds of money per year in
points, miles and cash in your online
purchases worldwide.